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About us

GIENERGY is an engineering company that seeks the ideal solution for each project based on high efficiency systems and renewable energy to achieve maximum comfort while minimizing consumption.

We trade with equipment from the main european brands of renewable energy and energy efficiency in buildings. Our business network allows us to provide after-sales services and installation if necessary.

We make energy management projects and efficient environmental solutions for the use of natural resources through the renewable energy.

We are a team of specialized engineers in building, bioclimates, energy, installing, and maintenance

Our activity areas are focused on the following sectors:
  1. Analysis of installations, buildings, malls and industrial processes with the aim of studying the current energy situation and offering "immediate" savings measures within the "Energy Audits" area.
  2. Heating pump equipment for air conditioning, freezing and/or water heating in all industrial processes, such as greenhouses, warehouses, and factories.
  3. Hot domestic water production systems for restaurants, bakeries, hairdressers, industries, laboratories, gyms, and all kind of business that require big quantities of hot domestic water.
  4. Supplyng integral energy based on renewable sources.
  5. Consultancy and distribution of all the equipment and components aimed at the heating production, freezing, hot domestic water and electricity in all areas: residential, industrial and commercial.

Our main goal is to offer our customers an innovative and high-quality service. This becomes into significant savings in consumption, as well as the promotion of an energy model respectful of the environment.

To achieve these, our priorities are focused on:
  • Reach economic savings up to 70%.
  • Working with the best suppliers, earning high incomes.
  • Tailor-made projects to fulfill the requirements with the minimum investment and the highest efficiency.
  • Self-generation energy for all kinds of building, from single-family to industrial systems, through a renewable energies mix. Generate your own energy.
  • To proportionate a high comfort for an entire year and without noise generating.
  • To offer the client installations that require the minimum maintenance.
  • Encourage invisible heating and air conditioning.

Our mission is to provide customers all the necessary tools to meet their energy needs, from domestic to industrial facilities looking for tailored solutions within renewable energy, and energy-efficient systems.

In GIENERGY we give special importance to the new technologies that allow to establish an efficient energy model and respectful with the environment.

Our values are:

- Excellence offering our services: personal and direct following on all your projects.

- Customer guidance: we focus our efforts, based on quality and professionalism in each one of your actions.

- Social Commitment: teamwork as the basis for everyone's participation to achieve a common objective, with an individualized training plan and promoting talent.

- Innovation as a system of continuous improvement in the products, processes and services

- Ethical conduct to act with professionalism, moral integrity, loyalty and respect for the people.


C/ Lanzarote Nº13 1ºA
28703 San Sebastián de los Reyes (Madrid, España)


Telephone: (+34) 910 56 48 07