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Environmental engineering
Energy consulting
Energy certification
Energy Audit

Environmental energy

In Gienergy Group we work to guarantee that, through energy efficacy and renewable energies, our projects are the most respectful with the environment as possible.

The environmental engineering is the branch of the engineering that study the environmental problems in comprehensive way, bearing in mind its ecologic, social, economic and technological dimensions with the objective of promote a sustainable development. It’s known by everyone that the sustainability of our energy system is extremely compromised with the sustainability of the environment.

In GIENERGY we know that, through the correct dimensioning of the projects, and considering the environmental impact of different technologies in the ecosystem we can achieve a sustainable energy model.

It is in this situation where GIENERGY enters as environmental engineering, seeking:

- A perfect match between the energies used and the environment in which they are going to develop their activity.
- A correct dimensioning of the systems, avoiding losses due to over-dimensioning.
- Integration of the environmental variable at the beginning of the projects (EAE).
- Environmental declaration of products.
- Selection of the products that offer the highest returns.
- Special attention to bioclimatic aspects.  

Gienergy Consultoría energética

Energy Consulting

In GIENERGY we aim to customize solutions for each client. In this way we can offer the services that best suit each of our customers.

You can contact our team at any time so that they can carry out a study of your needs and offer you a solution according to your requirements.

In GIENERGY we offer several technologies, then you will be able to select the most important for you, and finally together, we can decide which is the most convenient


Energy certification

The energy certification consists in the analysis and study of structures (houses, buildings or industries) in order to determine the energy efficiency of the building. In this way, information is provided on the weak and strong points in terms of energy saving.

This way, we get information on the energy consumption and CO2 emissions of the building. Obtaining the energy certificate is essential for the proper implementation of an air-conditioning project.

How is it obtained?

To obtain the energy certificate, GIENERGY has personnel with knowledge in programs such as CE3X, LIDER, CALENER or the Unified Tool Lider-Calener. It is important to highlight the legal recognition of all these programs for their use in the certification. 


Energy audit

GIENERGY is a consulting engineering company within the field of renewable energies, which carries out audits and energy efficiency studies, providing its clients with the solutions that best adapt to their needs.

The energy audit is a integral study that analyzes the energy situation in the building, its facilities and its surroundings. In it, changes, actions and modifications are compared in order to obtain a harmonic and optimum set of solutions that lead to lower energy costs and an improvement in the services provided, a longer duration of the equipment and maximum attention to the environmental impact that, according to current regulations, occurs.

The objective of any energy audit project is to contribute and help establish short, medium and long term goals to achieve the optimization of energy resources, thus achieving quantifiable economic savings.

The following aspects will be considered:

- Use of renewable sources.
- Substitution and optimization of current energy sources.
- Use of waste.
- Environmental analysis (Bioclimatic Engineering).
- Study of alternative energy production techniques.
- Economic analysis and energy savings proposed.
- Search for energy self-generation through a mix of efficient energy systems.  


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