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Mixed renewable energy systems in industrial buildings:
Sistemas Mixtos de energías renovables en edificios industriales Madrid

The industrial zone has offices, warehouses and laboratories spread over an area of 6,000 m2 (64,538.46 ft2). 70% of the heating and cooling system comes from geothermal energy, due to the execution of 40 perforations, the remaining 30% comes from aerothermal energy. There is also a solar photovoltaic installation for the generation of electricity connected to the thermal generation to optimize the system.

Ownership/Promoter: EDIBON
Classification: Industrial
Location: Móstoles (Madrid)
Power: 650 kW
Implementation: February 2017 

Sistemas Mixtos de energías renovables en edificios industriales en Chile

The greenhouses have a thermal power station based on an open cycle geothermal system that feeds 7 heat pumps of 100 kW each, they are connected in cascade to improve the modulation. The system is integrated with a 300 kW thermodynamic solar installation.

Classification: Industrial
Location: Laraquete (Chile)
Power: 1.000 kW
Implementation: February 2015 

Sistemas Mixtos de energías renovables en edificios industriales Sevilla

This is a 6,000 m2 hangar at Seville's "La Maestranza" military airport, built using a fast building system with modular architecture and high energy efficiency. It is climate-controlled with an innovative hybrid supply system based on geothermal & aerothermal energy. It has a distribution system by means of radiant floor and air ducts to keep the required temperatures stable throughout the year.

Ownership/promoter: Private
Classification: Hangar
Location: Seville
Power: 450 kW
Implementation: June 2015 

Sistemas Mixtos de energías renovables en edificios industriales México

Emblematic project for the acclimatization of swimming pools with open system and recovery of energy in the flows of water of the Club to contribute a total of 850 kW thermal in Domestic Hot Water, the installation is complemented with a thermal solar contribution of support.

Ownership/promoter: Country Club Aguascalientes
Classification: Country Club
Location: Aguascalientes, Mexico
Power: 850 kW
Implementation: In execution 


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